Wickedwastelands Commission Info

Status: Open
Contact Me: Refer Below

Hi! My name is Chrys and I'm an original content/multifandom artist who does character illustration and design.

Instagram: mossheart409
Twitter: wckedwstelands
ToyHouse: wickedwastelands
E-Mail: [email protected]


Symmetrical Miniatures

TypeBase PriceProps
Headshot8 USDN/A
Fullbody20 USD+5 USD each

These are currently only available for feral designs.
If you buy a fullbody miniature, you get the headshot separate included.
The heads will always be at least semi-symmetrical, but the fullbody can be non-symmetrical.

Character Illustrations

TypeBase PriceShadingProps+Characters
Headshot30 USD+15 USD+10 USD each+15 USD each
Fullbody60 USD+30 USD+20 USD each+35 USD each

Illustrations come in a variety of line and shading styles. If you have a specific style you want your piece drawn in, please state that and give examples from my work. Otherwise, I will pick the style myself.

NSFW will incur a +30% fee to the piece.


TypeBase PriceShadingBackground2-6 Frame Gif
50x5015 USD+5 USD+10 USD+20 USD
100x10025 USD+15 USD+20 USD+35 USD
Varying Size40 USD+20 USD+35 USD+50 USD

'Varying Size' can range anywhere from 200 to 500 pixels either axis. Please specify if you would like a specific size.
Making a piece bob up and down (like the one of Avery below) is free upon request.

Prices Continued

Monster Hunter Icons

30 USD each
Transparent files

Hiveswap and Homestuck Sprites

Hiveswap30 USD+8 USD each+15 USD each
Homestuck15 USD+5 USD each+10 USD each

Reference Sheets and Customs

TypeBase PriceBack ViewAlternate FormClose-ups
Ref. Sheet50 USD+20 USD+30 USD each+15 USD
Custom Design60 USD+25 USD+40 USD each+20 USD
Custom Cat25 USD+10 USD+15 USD each+5 USD

Base price includes a frontal fullbody.
Additional views add either a back or side view.
Alternate form inlcudes different oufits, shapeshifted forms, or differing poses.
Close-ups adds a zoomed-in drawing of the eyes, head, hands, feet, and/or mouth. The close-ups provided vary based on species. If you want specific close-ups: ask.

Terms of Service

I will draw - Animals, Robots/Mechas, Humans, Humanoids, Aliens, Anthro, LGBT+ Pride Art, Some NSFW (Mecha/Humanoid/Anthro only), Gore/Violence, and other things that may not be listed (ask me!)

I will NOT draw - Hatespeech, Bigotry, Pro-cop/Conservative art, Minors in non-PG situations, Pro-shipping, Illustration backgrounds

> I have the right to deny any commission and I am not required to provide an explanation.
> I do not work for deadlines shorter than 4 weeks.
> Only people 18+ can purchase NSFW works. I will ask for proof of age before accepting the commission.
> Commissions Over 60 USD can have payment plans. Half upfront, half upon completion.
> There will be no refunds given once I have started the commission unless I have to cancel. Work may take up to 2 months or longer. You are free to ask for updates, but rushing me will make the work take longer.
> Commissioners may post the art with credit to me. This can be linking any of my social media or linking back to my carrd.
> You may not edit my work under any circumstance. If you would like minor edits made to a finished piece, there will be a fee.
> My work cannot be commercialized/used as merchandise unless the artwork was purchased specifically for that purpose and I agreed to the sale of the work. Work you commission me can be included in the value of an OC when reselling/trading.
> You automatically agree to let me post the art I create on my accounts and any portfolios I create.
> I retain the copyright to my work unless otherwise agreed upon.

Failure to comply with these terms will result in a blacklisting.